Surfing Sunset Beach Hawaii

Hawaii's sunset beach the popular North Shore of Oahu is regarded as one of the most famed surfing spots in the world. In the early 80's thru out the late 90's this surfing mecca in the pacific established itself as the capital of Surf junkies world wide.

Surfing Hawaii's sunset beach is more then an adventure it is an experience. When the wind is right and the swell is from the northwest usually presents the best conditions for this beach.

Sunset beach is part of the miracle 7 mile of beach stretch that lines the north shore. Maybe even more popular then sunset beach would be the banzai pipeline and Waimea Bay. Other famous world class Hawaii surf spots are kammies, backdoor, rocky point, laniakea, jockos and haleiwa just to name a few.

The waves that sunset beach produce can be tricky and dependant on the weather and tide conditions. Even experienced surfers will sometimes be caught off guard when the sets pop up a little early then expected (distance wise).

On smaller days you will see the future stars of surf whipping it out on the inside reef. Dont under estimate these kids who are mostlikely 8 year olds to mid teens, its amazing how young these kids start surfing waves. Kenny Matte of Haleiwa says that you start the kids when they come out of the whomb, "they came from water so they immediately go back to the water".

No matter your skill level there are days when the surf accommodates to all levels but one thing is sure you must always use caution and never jump into the water if you are uncertain of the conditions.

Hawaii Travel

Hawaii Travel. In a word or two It will be a fun time when I make my trip out to Hawaii for a vacation. Hawaii can be thought of as a destination but I tend to think of it as a fantasy dream. For years I have been seeing commercials and print about the beautiful islands. But what could I do with no money? not much. Well I finally saved up enough money to make my Hawaii travel a real Hawaiian vacation and I will be traveling first class. What a way to start a vacation, flying first class in a double-hulled 757. I think I will be able to wear my high heels considering how much leg room is available in first class. What to do? Where to visit? What sites to see? What activities to participate? These are all apart of the complicated decisions that stress a newbie traveler such as myself. 


Hawaii Cruise Vacations

The Hawaiian Islands boast over 100 islands that provide the tourist with sports, relaxation options, and a new outlook on life. So, a Hawaii cruise vacation can be considered to be a dream cruise where you will be pampered from dawn to dusk with the hospitability of the Hawaiian people. With its tropical latitude, the Hawaii cruise vacation tends to take you to a heavenly state. The eastern part of Hawaii has more of rainfall, while the western part is more of a dry land. However, there is snow in some areas of the Big Island where the localities love skiing and snowboarding.